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Bulk Buying – Is it Economical?

When keeping a close eye on every penny you spend and trying to make sure that each dollar goes as far as it can many people are considering bulk buying. We have all seen the bulk stores in our local cities and towns. The parking lots are often over flowing, but are those people really saving money and are you missing out? The simple answer is yes, if you are smart.

Just like when you go grocery shopping at the normal grocery store you think about what you are buying based on your needs and the size of your family. You would not want to go to a Bulk Supply Store and buy fresh vegetables or other produce related items if there is only you, or you and a partner. You can only eat so many green peppers in a week. Yes, most bulk stores will offer a gallon of milk, and it will be a few cents cheaper… they sell eggs and things which can help you save money.

What about the other items though, and your budget? If you know the cost of the same products at your local store and you have a list of the items you actually need you can save a lot of money buying in bulk most of the time. I want to give you a few examples that I have encountered locally. I know that a case of Pepsi at the local grocery is around $ 7.00. I know that a case of Pepsi at the Bulk Store is $ 9.87. Initially you think that the case at the Bulk Store is more expensive, but it isn’t. Actually it costs the same at both places; the case at the local store is for 24 cans, which come out to .27 per can. The case at the bulk store is for 36 and again they are .27 per can. The trick there is that you are getting more in the case so you think you are saving money.

Another example, a case of toilet paper the local grocery has Charmin 12 rolls for 6.99. The bulk store has 36 rolls for $ 12 something. If you buy the toilet paper at the bulk store you are going to save .24 per roll of toilet paper or $ 8.64. So it makes sense then to buy toilet paper and other paper goods at the bulk store. You can go and buy your paper products at the beginning of the month, save money and not have to worry about it when you go to the grocery the following week.

I can also give you an example for bread. At the bulk store you can get hot dog and hamburger buns cheaper then what you can get them at the local store. The same holds true for bread and bagels and such. But if you are not going to eat 48 hot dog buns and you don’t have the space to freeze them, you are still wasting money.

I also want to interject a little note here. Your local grocery may offer a bulk food section. Pay attention to the price per pound compared to the prepackaged item in the next aisle. Sometimes it saves you money and sometimes it is going to cost you more.

Another thing to consider is that when you buy in bulk you are protecting the environment. Instead of the waste of packaging materials used to wrap each paper towel, or one package of napkins or one loaf of bread that ends up in a landfill, bulk buying allows more items to be placed in one packaging container.

Buy your staples in bulk, pay attention to prices based on the quantity in the package and you will save hundreds of dollars on year on groceries.

Neil Bartlett is the founder of Cheap Insider provides everyone with Tips and Techniques for saving money and finding bargains. To learn more and INSTANTLY grab his FREE report “10 Money Saving Tips” go to

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