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called sports injuries

Inflammation of the body’s response to a series of sports injuries. Chinese and Western medicine should be for the inflammatory process is usually divided into acute, subacute and chronic stages. Each phase depends on the length of time to maintain the seriousness of each case. In general, acute last about 48 hours, during which symptoms may increase. Subacute stage will come following the acute stage, signs and symptoms of this period began to ease; the chronic stage in this period until they have recovered, there may be some period of pain and swelling Xu. And very often with some physical therapy Physiotherapy expedite treatment.

We often encounter traumatic sports sprain, then go to Chinese medical treatment. In fact, may be called sports injuries 運動創傷. Of course, there will not have to exercise injuries. Do not have to fall just as 』『 』to play down or stand before『 』『 sprain. Is repeated over many years by the use of certain parts of the body, causing damage and strain. Like machine wear. This can cause chronic inflammation and scar healing and bone stiffness resulting from the assassination. Not lead to full recovery of the affected area is the reason for the so-called rheumatism. Severe trauma, such as by X-ray diagnosis of fractures, it must be admitted to split bone surgery. When acute sprains due to direct damage to vascular inflammation, cell damage can be caused by inflammation; usually the day after the injury towards the early detection of redness, swelling, pain, fever and activities not working symptoms of acute injuries. If a serious injury can immediately produce red, swollen symptoms. Down because of the general sports injury, collision, hit, twist, play; caused by soft tissue damage. Such as: muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, nerves and so on. When faced with a sports injury physiotherapy .

Sports injury that caused all the Tiyuhuodong injuries, common injuries are bruises, strained muscle or ligament strain. To the injured area, the most common injuries to the ankle, others such as the knee, fingers and other parts are commonly injured body parts. There are several types of treatment: As with the principle of negative pressure assisted therapy, relaxation of four weeks in patients with joint position, and increase joint activities and reduce pain; mild anti-inflammatory pain patients can be treated; ice, shortwave, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, vector interference wave, etc. will also help reduce inflammation Cheng-like; if review of sports injuries result in fractures, light medicine 中醫 physical therapy can be used Physiotherapy, while in Western medicine will require surgery to suture the fracture.


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