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One thing anglers can all agree on is that there is a lot of love for fishing in the United States. From bass fishing to northern pike and walleye, or to stream based fish like trout or blue gill, there are fishermen who love to go after them all. Strangely enough, carp fishing has lagged behind the rest despite long being perhaps the favorite game fish in all of Europe!

Still, carp fishing is beginning to gain a little bit of ground in some parts of the United States. A non-native species, there are many anglers who simply don’t like these big voracious fish, but many other anglers say that’s the perfect reason to love carp! These fish can survive almost anywhere, and they can grow into giant trophy sized fish almost anywhere. Many American anglers have looked down on carp fishing, which is a shame since in many places carp fishing is considered one of the most respected forms of sports fishing.

Carp fishermen in the United States may have a slightly harder time finding good gear because of this. Finding good bass gear is easy because there are hundreds of thousands of avid fishermen who love chasing the large mouth bass. With far less customers looking at grass carp, it can be much more difficult for them to find the perfect gear designed to land a trophy sized carp. In Europe this is no issue at all, as carp in many ways is considered the king of trophy fish there.

As carp fishing continues to gain in popularity in the United States, this trend is likely to change. Finding good specialized fishing tackle and gear will become easier as more and more outdoor enthusiasts come to realize that landing a 40 pound carp might be exactly the type of freshwater fishing they’ve been missing.

If you would like to learn more about carp fishing gear, please feel free to visit this page about this topic and about carp fishing in general.

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