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Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

The Secret to Economical Concrete Resurfacing

A real alternative to concrete replacement. Until now there were only two options when it came to repairing surfaced damaged concrete-totally replace, which can be both expensive and inconvenient, or using patching compound that leave the surface...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

How to Build Your Own Chicken Coop Economically

To get an idea of how much building a coop will cost, make a list of your need materials and canvass the prices of each. If you don’t, you may end up spending upwards of $ 300 for a chicken coop, and that can sound unrealistic considering the...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

The Power of Strategy in an Economic Downturn

It’s common for businesses to reduce expenses during an economic crunch. But it’s also an excellent time to employ a business coach or executive coach to point out new strategies to get your business through difficult economic periods....

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Tough Economic Times For Businesses

In the past year, the economy in the United States has shocked not only United States citizens; it has shocked the rest of the world. Who would’ve predicted that America would be in such a predicament when it came to job loss, unemployment and...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Living Joyfully Despite Economic Trends

Secret 1. Self-love coupled with self-nurturing. We need to love ourselves and do something each day that that makes us feel joyful. We can stop to smell the roses or look around at the beauty in nature and in people. Secret 2. Balance We need to...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Used Ford – An Economic Consideration

Although most car buyers prefer new cars, these days that ideal seems to be out of reach for many of the potential car buyers out there. Thanks to economic circumstances, many shoppers are putting their new car plans on hold for a better day and...