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Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Fashion Contests

Fashion contests entail the exhibition of designs to potential fashionistas. It’s the basic platform on which new designs are launched. You can do this through sketches or complete works that are shown on runways both local and international....

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Vegetarianism In Fashion

There was a time when the word vegetarianism was reserved for those that opted out of eating meat dishes. In recent years, the term has spread to cover all aspects of the animal-free market, including fashion. The term ‘vegetarian...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Winter Fashion Trends

Staying on top of fashion is actually a difficult task. With trends changing by the minute, we’ll take you around the runaway and break out of the warmer weather for the next few months. Read on to follow. Mixed Prints Afraid your ikat will...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Fashion Photographer London

Searching for the leading Fashion Photographer London? Spend time looking on the website of one of the industries leading professionals. A packed portfolio of past projects more than speaks for itself. Here you’ll find completed work from the...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

History Of Fashion

Fashion is something we deal with everyday. Even people who say they don’t care what they wear choose clothes every morning that say a lot about them and how they feel that day. One certain thing in the fashion world is change. We are...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Gaga Fashion In 2010

The unpredictable Lady Gaga continued to shock the globe with each public appearance made in 2010. The selection of materials that she chooses to use for her outfits go far beyond the imagination of many from meat to metal, latex to plastic. Many...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Cubavera Fashion Statements

Guayaberas, which refer to a type of shirt popular in hot-climate areas such Latin America and the Caribbean, are some of the most popular shirts in the country these days. These shirts are often made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton, silk,...



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