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Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Sharing your opinions via online polls

Market research is an invaluable commodity to many businesses, and as a consumer you are likely to be part of the target audience for a huge variety of products and services currently in development that companies will be keen to tap into. Online...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Parents Coping With Opinions of Grandparents

When I think of my own grandparents, I can’t help but smile they are four of the best people I have ever known. And yet they are all very different from one another. The only thing they all have in common is that like most grandparents they...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Different Opinions about High Heels

“These show girls gave me a deeply influence.” Christian Louboutin says that, “If you like high heels, the important thing is to look how the high heels dress the girl’s beautiful legs, and how they can walk by themselves in...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Yes and No Opinion of Burglar Bars

Today even safe and secured houses have  burglar bars can be easily to break-ins and other violent activities by thefts. Unfortunately, this is a small fact that we all know. Thus, home security systems have become an important criterion for every...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Political Opinions on Political Blogs

No matter what your political affiliation is, it probably isn’t represented by the mainstream media. By trying to please everyone, the media – like the political establishment it has come to serve – pleases no one. For most...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

In My Opinion – The Data Issue

If you take a step back, before the internet age, and examine the way our government handled our data, be it paper forms, tax returns, applications, etc. Back then packages were mailed to you and after filling in all you personal information you...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Public Dissent and Opinion Must Work Both Ways

If we are to allow public dissent in our nation, and free speech, as providing in our Constitution, then we must allow equal rights to all, regardless of their political leanings. Social censorship is censorship, and often it is just as demoralizing...



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