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Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Is Traditional Politics Dead?

We Americans are a selfish bunch often becoming “patriotic” only when it helps our pocketbook. Our vote has become a self interest vote which is part of democracy’s strength and also part of its weakness. The poor vote one way and...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

The Role of Media in Politics

What role does the powerful new media play in Politics? The short and long term effects cannot be denied. But does the new media offer us sound political information or simply entertain us for profit and ratings? The New Media Every so often, the...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

The Global Warming Politics

The Global Warming Politics have involved many different political debate, policy designs, and legislation involving the science of global warming and the response to global warming. The war of political words has involved many different...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

The Name Game in Politics

Name recognition is a highly desired element in political campaigns. Candidates spend thousands, even millions of dollars and labor arduously for years to develop and maintain it. The reason for it can be summed up in the old disc jockey axiom that...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Nuclear Deal – Apart From Politics

The Nuclear deal is primarily aimed at securing energy demands for India, keeping in mind the growing economy which has lots more to offer. According to World Energy Outlook 2000, India’s commercial energy requirement is expected to increase...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

Cutting Through the Politics

Politics in the workplace is a fact of life. If you don’t like it, get over it, or quit. Organizations are made up of people and nobody is perfect. People see from their perceptions and often have conflicting goals and objectives. Because of...

Microsoft Slashes Windows 8.1 Tablet Prices

The Satellite TV Politics Fix

It’s a new day in American politics. There’s a new president, a new crisis and since 2006, a new majority in Congress. As is always the case with our democracy, with every new direction there is a new opposition. The options for...



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