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Choosing The Sports Blankets

Sports blankets not only keep fans warm at sporting events they are also used by people to decorate their homes. There is a blanket for nearly every team in every sport. These blankets can be made from cotton, wool, or fleece. There is also a wide range of styles.

If you are a sports fanatic, the newest craze in fan memorabilia is a team blanket. Sports team blankets come in several different sizes, materials, and decor. There is a wide selection of baseball player action blankets, basketball player profile blankets and more.

You can commemorate some of your favorite teams with the dynasty edition of sports team blankets. At the end of every sports season, a commemorative championship blanket is released.

Many fans are passionate about their teams. Even when going on picnics, visiting the beach or park, people love to represent their teams. They make great conversation starters and let people know who you like.

Sports team blankets are growing in popularity every day, and are quietly becoming the most popular piece of NFL Merchandise and Sports team memorabilia marketed today. With every team represented, and new styles and blankets coming out all the time, sports fans can celebrate their favorite players and teams year round.

Fleece sport blankets have become very popular for many reasons. Fleece is an environmentally friendly fabric. Fleece blankets are very affordable and widely available throughout the world. Fleece blankets are also very easy to make and often require little to no sewing. Since there are no seams they are very easy to wash. Just toss the fleece blanket in the washer and then in the dryer.

Fleece sport blankets are easy to make yourself. You can give them as a gift for a birthday, holiday or any occasion. First you need to pick your fleece fabric. Face the wrong sides together and stich around the edges. You will want to use a longer stitch when working with fleece. The reason for this is the stitches can be pulled through the fleece fabric if they are too short.

Custom sport blankets are not gender or age specific making them the perfect addition to your company store, fundraiser or corporate gift. Almost everyone uses a blanket at some point during the year. Companies have used custom blankets numerous ways. One pharmaceutical company launched a cancer drug with a comfort theme using the blankets. Real estate agents have used them as housewarming gifts. They have also been used in safety kits as an emergency item to store in your vehicle

Sports blankets are gifts that people will use for years to come. They will be the blanket of choice for your sports fan.

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