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Delivering Style Fashion

Do you ever wonder how the fashion trends of the runway to make it in real life?

Clothes before arriving on store shelves, each article must go to several hundred steps, and thousands of miles. This requires a well coordinated logistics of fast-paced industry, which is the next trend.

“Shipping the thread that ties together the business,” says designer Tomer Gendler. In his eponymous label men loyal followers, including many stylists and clients, the Hollywood A-listers like Jamie Foxx and Adrien Brody.

Since Tomer began his business four years ago, he relied on UPS to help her travel plans, fabrics and garments from around the world. “When you create a collection, we ship almost every day, and every delivery of critical onto the job.”

Behind the seams

Tomer before you make the first sketch, he is looking for a unique and upholstery fabrics such as cashmere blends from Italy, Switzerland, high-tech fabrics and buttons from China. After creating the plans, ships and commanding enough to thread, material and equipment, creation of samples, which shows that the fashion buyers in New York. They are often transported back and forth several times to the manufacturers in Italy, New York City, and China, until the perfect look. Tomer working with customers to decide what pieces will be available in stores.

Then, Tomer and colleagues to find out how much fabric is needed to fulfill orders. The production process moves to the scoring company that tailors’ samples to the clothing line in several sizes. UPS delivers the samples, materials and equipment in New York and Italy, where the tailor to your clothes.

But it takes more than the shipping, make sure your clothes arrive on time. UPS customs brokers take care of the complex textile tariffs in order to clear all the pieces Tomer controls smoothly.

Once the clothes are made, they are transported to New York showroom Tomer conscientious quality checks. Finally, the clothes shipped to stores across the country and around the world.

If a collection arrives Tomer even a day late, the stores right to the order, giving her thousands of dollars in clothes that can not be sold. On the other hand, the delivery time eventually win more business. “As time searching for the confidence,” he says. “He says you’re a reliable business partner.”

Tomer make sure that in time the tracking capabilities that both he and his clients stay in the know. By making a delivery partner to take care of these steps, Tomer forget taking into account the logistics and the planning and running their own business.

Tomer men’s collection is available in the high-end stores, including Takashimaya in New York and Tokyo. – NU

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