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Different Opinions about High Heels

“These show girls gave me a deeply influence.” Christian Louboutin says that, “If you like high heels, the important thing is to look how the high heels dress the girl’s beautiful legs, and how they can walk by themselves in good enough shapes. Girls like that are my great idols. There is no doubt that Louboutin are rather like women wearing high heels.

In spit of flats are charming too, they are far behind of the charm of high heels. They are lovely but not hot. However, there is a fact which we can not ignore; the fact is that not each women has the ability to wear a 10cm high or higher pumps. It reported by《Daily Mail》that British Trade Union claimed that employers are not allowed to compel their female employees to wear high heels which are higher than 4cm. They though that high heel was mean to gender discrimination; and in the long term, it’s not healthy enough for women who wear high heels often and for a long time. In this point, Christian Louboutin holds on temperate manners. He says that the feeling of comfort is important, and for the sake of beauty, it is meaningless to set yourself into pain. He thinks that a pair of good shoes should not only be beautiful but make the person who wear them feel comfortable. “Most of my designs are scientific. I usually put a hidden sole in the ball of foot. It makes that the shoe’s actually height is about 12cm when it looks like to be 18cm high.” he added, ” If you like wear high heels, the height of 12cm are in the limit of you can afford; and a women who has a high arch can run on a good shape.”  He also expresses that he is not a fascist and he will never force people who do not like high heels to wear them. In fact, his several sisters are not like wearing high heels, too. They also complained that why Christian Louboutin shoes are all high so much and why Louboutin don’t design shoes are law a little.

However, no matter how much censure about high heels, high heel’s fans will stop their ears. It is because that the shoes are never on the position of accessory. With the design of shoes are more and more changeable, dramatic and personalized, there are more and more fashionistas who dare to challenge the limit of the height of high heels, such as Christian Louboutin pumps, Manolo Blahnik shoes and so on. Now, the designers are all designing their shoes but not considering the influence of clothes. Nevertheless, there are still many girls put up these pumps walking on the street or red carpet.

The important status of high heels is hard to be moved. It must be popular very much for a long time and even forever. What makes pumps be popular so much? I think it’s the concepts about beauty and fashion. In the past hundreds years, almost all the people on the world think it’s beautiful that women wear high heels. This concept exists in people’s heart for so long time that they are hard to accept another form of beauty.

As a female, how do you think about women wearing high heels?


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