Dirty Politics and Punjab

Indian constitution allows them to adopt any religion. There are people of almost all religions. Their constitution gives equal rights to the people of all religions. But the situation at present is something different. The said thing is confined to the pages of constitution alone. The politicians themselves break rules of constitutions for their selfish ends. With them the money is primary principle and they are ready to put the country in fire of violence for money. Inwardly they belong to no religion, but they belong to the religion of money. That’s what we have seen in Punjab.

They flared up the sentiments of Sikh community over a baseless issue of dress. Out of jealousy, they divided the whole Punjab in two groups. They became the heads of Sikh community to drag Punjab in the fire of violence and turmoil. The crisis that raised there caused the loss of many lives and property. And Punjab lost its status of being most prosperous state of India. If there had been no political force behind the issue the crisis would have been resolved with the apology tendered by Dera Head as religious persons are bound to be found emotional and kind. But dirty politicians, emotionless, selfish and jealous, didn’t accept this humble attempt to restore the peace of the country.

They refused to accept the apology and continued delivering inflammatory speeches so as to increase hatred between Dera Followers and Sikh Community. Some of the Sikh hardliners joined politicians in creating the atmosphere of terror. Sikh hardliners followed by tender hearted Sikhs ravaged Punjab. They set fire to many branches of Dera Sacha Sauda across Punjab and destroyed the property of Dera Followers. The Politicians gave bribe to media personnel and they too joined the politicians and hardliners in creating hatred among one another. They flare up people sentiments by giving one-sided news.

The present situation is that the innocent Dera Followers are tortured. They are forced to leave their association with Dera Sacha Sauda and asked adopt Sikhism. They don’t let Dera Followers to do their religious practices (Naam Charcha etc.). Dera Followers are threatened of their lives. To hurt their emotions, they burn effigies of Dera Head. Dera Sacha Sauda Guru (Spiritual Master) seems to be Perfect Saint and all the allegations seem to be false. Had there been a common man instead of Present Master of Dera Sacha Sauda, he must have asked their followers to rise against Sikhs and Sikhism had come to an end because there are 40% Sikhs and 60% Dera Followers in Punjab and more than 2 crore Dera Followers in India. Sikh community seems to be small against this huge number of Dera Followers.

But Dera Chief preached them not to indulge in violence. He preached them the lesson of love for all. He upheld the voice of truth and it seems Sikh community is itself becoming the cause their end and it is certain that if hardliner don’t give up their stand, then this turmoil or communal riot will end with the end of Sikhism. Sikhism will eventually merge with Dera Sacha Sauda. So it’s my appeal ‘Return my peaceful Punjab, judge the situation yourself and recognize the truth and hidden politics behind the matter. Give up the path of violence otherwise our country, our Punjab will suffer terribly in future.’

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