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Do You Know About Sports Fleece Blankets?

Did you know that at the end of every sports season there’s a commemorative sports fleece blanket released?


There really are sports team fleece blankets made for die-hard sports fans all around the world. These team blankets are large with a plush feeling to them, and are made to keep you warm while you are watching the game in an indoor/outdoor stadium. Sports team blankets come in several different sizes, colors, shapes and furnishings.  

Sports team blankets are growing fast everyday because so many sports fans are looking to show off their team spirit in style. Every team has their very own fashion of fleece blankets. Fans all over the world can enjoy and celebrate their favorite team and or team player(s) year round.

If the New England Patriots is your favorite NFL team or if LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is your favorite NBA player there’s a sports blanket for you. No matter if you are a MLB, NHL, or NASCAR fan there is large number of sports fleece blankets made to show team spirit. Even the NCAA has college sports fleece blankets.

Many of the blankets are made for fans as a memorabilia-so they can always remember that exciting victory. Here are a few examples of what type of sports fleece blankets are on the market:

Immediately after the LSU Tigers won the BCS Championship game last January, a commemorative wall-hanging blanket was available online.

After the Super Bowl was won by the New York Giants, you could find an NFL blanket with “New York Giants Super Bowl Champions” inscribed on the front, in addition there was a picture of David Tyree making what is arguably the greatest catch in Super Bowl history. The “Helmet Catch” that is woven into this blanket.

Also there was a NBA Finals – The Rivalry – blanket showing the history between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. The Boston Celtics World Championships blanket was redone the next day to include their victory for the 2008 season in NBA Finals.

So, just remember if you are a true sports fan of any nature then there’s a sports fleece blanket available for you.

Andrea Rutledge is an author who loves sports memorabilia, and has provided information about different fleece sports blankets.

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