Ukraine expressed its dissatisfaction with the European Union and Poland regarding the limitations placed on its grain exports on Friday. However, later that day, the

European Commission announced that a tentative agreement had been reached to resolve the issue.

The Ukrainian foreign ministry stated on Saturday that it had dispatched notes to the EU representative office in Kyiv and the Polish Embassy on Friday, condemning the restrictions on its grain exports via the European trade bloc and declaring them "categorically unacceptable."

The European Commission reported on Friday afternoon that it had reached an agreement in principle to reopen transit of Ukrainian grain through the five EU nations that had imposed restrictions.

In response to a Reuters question, foreign ministry spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko said on Saturday that the notes had been sent before the Commission's announcement. He also stated, "There must be (unhindered) export for all Ukrainian goods."

The ministry stated in a statement sent by email on Saturday, "There are full legal grounds for the immediate resumption of exports of Ukrainian agricultural goods to Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Bulgaria, as well as the continuation of unhindered exports to other EU member states."

Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Bulgaria imposed limitations on Ukrainian grain imports, citing concerns that grain intended for export to other countries ended up in their local markets, lowering prices for local farmers.

A Polish foreign ministry spokesperson said he had not yet received the note, and a Polish government spokesperson could not be reached for comment.