Group of friends row from Aalst to Dendermonde: "Searching for rivalry between two cities" A group of friends from Aaigem, a district of Erpe-Mere that borders Aalst,

made a humorous rowing trip from Aalst to Dendermonde. With the rowing trip, they wanted to find out why a woman from Aaigem married Piet Buyse (CD&V), the mayor of rival city Dendermonde.

"Why did she choose Dendermonde and not Aalst, for example? We wonder where the rivalry between the two cities comes from. That's why we're investigating the answer ourselves," the group said.

Rivalry between Aalst and Dendermonde To find an answer to their question, they decided to row by boat from Aalst to Dendermonde over the weekend. Christoph D'Haese (N-VA), the mayor of Aalst, accompanied them at their departure in Aalst. "This promises to be fun," he joked. "There are still certainties in life: the sublime rivalry between Aalst and Dendermonde is more alive than ever. It is the most beautiful thing there is, and humor always works."

The friends were welcomed in Dendermonde by Mayor Piet Buyse (CD&V). They now expect an answer that they can take back to Aaigem.