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Preparing for a winter vacation would mean getting clothes that mainly protect you from the cold. This is the basic when it comes to buying winter fashion clothes. You need to build up your winter wardrobe slowly and carefully. After all, you do not want to be stuck with items you don’t need and you may not be able to combine with any other outfit. Winter clothing involves the basic; winter hats, winter jackets, winter gloves and winter boots. Let us take a sneak peak how you can modify these basics into a stunning range of winter clothing.This is one such item that is often overlooked and one can make a real fashion error by buying winter hats that are not entirely suitable. Firstly, these are very important to protect one from the cold, as body heat usually attempts to escape from the head. The basics would be to get a woolen winter hat in this case. Woolen hats or cotton hats also help in protection depending on the intensity of the chill factor. These are found in a variety of colors apart from the traditional browns and can also be combined with a stylish scarf to break the monotony. Some of them are stretch and are also reversible so that you can match it various outfits. Keep in mind the cut and the fabric of your outfit before you choose the winter hats. These need to match the flow of the fabric and need to blend in with the colors. If wool is not too cool for you, then you can opt for felt, cotton, cashmere or velvet. These are often combined with fake fur trimmings and are also easy on the comfort factor. If you really want to make a strong fashion statement, then you can check out the various options available in leather. Do remember before you make that important purchase, you need to secure yourself from the cold so know the degree of chills you would be facing before buying the winter hats.

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