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Fashionable Person Frida

Talking about the love of fashion Frida sure to say: “It was the enthusiasm of childhood there, of course, I see my father and how he embraced the brush design, I have been infected, but nobody is like me so addicted to fashion at home. Youth, I have been in the design of clothes. I think I grasp of fashion, is a talent. “

Her firm voice, so quiet self-confidence is better than sound.

Frida by Orchid for the inspiration, the design concept store only sold in the local limit bags.

She initially was promoted to creative director, the fashion industry issue, and Who is Frida” the repeated question. But the first conference after the spring and summer of 2006, all suspected evaporated.

She focused on tough management style, design, Italian style with a significant, more unique femininity. Brand DNA, sexy feelings, she gave a new content. The Italian woman refused to exaggerate the radical, there is not explicit with Tom Ford’s sexy, she deliberately convergence, and poured into a new era of real women to wear touch, so sexy become refined, but also closer to the spirit of the brand.

In her view, have roots in fashion reality: “For me, fashion is a dream made real person, fashion, woman or man must take care of the practical needs of the body, and their way of life.”

Consistent fashion classic Gucci elements of Frida grasp and reconstruct the shape of the classic designs and give praise, she can grasp the subtle combination of traditional and modern brand, so that the life of a new horseshoe-shaped logo. Our Gucci outlet online store will give you discount but high quality products.

She said: “Gucci is a long tradition of many sources of inspiration; the brand has 90 years, every time I check the file is always a new discovery, what is the truth? Stories? Behind every product has a fascinating detail, in this line I found many stories, and then as storyteller to tell stories like that. “Endless description of her ideas apart from the eyes of the reporter into the trunk not far, she said, this way, she felt particularly intimate luxury products.

Traditional and modern processing line, she must’ve said, as a creative director, must know how to deal with the outside sounds.

Frida with a shy smile, the tone identified, said: “My challenge is to stand on the highest peak, is better than everything. For me, each new season is more difficult than the one before, especially if the success of previous special time. Challenge is to exceed the previous level, get better results. so many years, I have learned to just listen to one voice, that is my heart’s intuition. “

No wonder last year’s spring series was used and the Spanish brand Zara WWD comparison, she also unmoved. Last October organized by the international fashion award “honorary Fashion Star” (Design Star Honoree), she gestures are distributed to international big-style.

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