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Fun Exercise With Water Sports

The Earth is made up of more that 70 percent liquid, so it should only make sense that humans take full advantage of that resource in their fitness life. The water provides a great way to burn calories and increase strength while reducing the impact on joints.

The first activity is of course swimming because it is so popular. There should be some type of body to swim in no matter where you live.

This can be a public indoor or outdoor pool, a lake, river, ocean, or hot spring. What kind of body does not matter, as long as it is safe and gives you enough room to kick your legs and paddle your arms.

Swimming allows you to use just about every muscle in your body, giving you a full-body exercise that can burn the maximum amount of calories. Because you are weightless in the water, you do not experience any harmful impact on your joints that you do in activities like jogging.

Another activity is snorkeling, but this is more fun when you live near the ocean. There is so much to see under the sea, and the only way to get up close is to go down there yourself.

You can also do this in a lake, but it has to be clear enough to allow you to have visibility through your goggles. Typically there are more fish variety, plant life, and colorful things to see in the ocean, which is why you always see people snorkeling near coral reefs.

If you want to stay under longer, SCUBA is another fun activity if you have the money to rent the gear and charter a boat. This can allow you to see sea turtles, tropical fish, coral, and other ocean life up close.

Surfing is another great activity that can be done in the ocean, provided you have some decent waves to ride. This sport takes a great deal of strength, endurance, and balance, so be prepared to work hard to get good.

It is expensive to buy a board, so you should rent one the first few times you go out to make sure it is actually something you want to keep doing. If you do decide that this is an activity that you could continue to do pretty frequently, then it will be more cost effective and convenient if you buy your own.

If you live in an area with not many waves to ride, or you do not like getting thrashed when you fall, you can try wind surfing as an alternative. This requires to waves, but a long surfboard and a small sail.

To get going, you catch some wind in your sail and ride across the water while standing on the board. Again this takes balance and strength, as you are using your arms and legs to help you stay up on the board and steer your small vessel.

Paddle boarding is similar to windsurfing, except you have to paddle to move instead of making the wind do the work for you. This takes even more arm strength to paddle yourself in the direction you want to be going, so it provides rigorous workout on the water.

You can paddle board or wind surf in any still water, like the calm ocean or a lake. For paddle boarding, you can practice in a long swimming pool until you feel comfortable enough to do it larger bodies of water.

Kayaking and canoeing are also great ways to get a workout in a river. Some places even have man-made courses that allow you to continuously paddle against the current so you can build arm strength.

Many people are even kayaking in the ocean on the waves. Though this is more difficult, it is a fun sport that allows you to ride the waves without trying to stand up.

If you want to make the waves, you can try wake boarding and water skiing. It is hard to get going at first, but after you get up you can go really fast and do different tricks as you are gliding across the surface of the water.

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