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Fun Sports Marketing Sports Enjoys Popular Support By Heng Yuan Xiang

Held in Beijing in July this year, China’s first Sports Marketing International annual meeting, Heng Yuan Xiang won the sports marketing, “the most visionary award”, and Haier , Association Tied for the top ten Chinese sports marketing, etc.. Heng Yuan Xiang Group Chairman Liu Ruiqi that sports marketing is not to be a great cost, and is not “rich enterprise” Game The key to see how to operate, some conventional than “alternative” approach, in fact, can act as a “small but powerful chain” effect.

On the pretext of sports marketing, Heng Yuan Xiang in the Tiananmen Square

1997 6 months, celebrate the return of Hong Kong, Heng Yuan Xiang, held in Tiananmen Square, thousands of children, grand-scale parade activities, unprecedented.

Tiananmen Square is the world’s largest outdoor plaza, since the birth of new China, Heng Yuan Xiang is the first large-scale held in Tiananmen Square Advertisement Promotion of enterprise. In the traditional consciousness of “Heng Yuan Xiang,” words into Tiananmen Square, on Marx and Engels in front of a portrait, it must be a fantasy thing, but it did Heng Yuan Xiang. The whole event from the Plan To success in just 8 months time.

How to do this, Heng Yuan Xiang itself, which can make use of resources? After the study, Heng Yuan Xiang find the entry point for children. Children to do activities in Tiananmen Square, and the “Heng Yuan Xiang,” Lay out three words in the square.

In June 1, 1997 the day, Heng Yuan Xiang, under the People’s Heroes Monument, held in Tiananmen Square, “Heng Yuan Xiang thousand children parade.” Including Hong Kong, including more than 2,000 children from across the country, where the children held a parade, the central Leadership Visit the site to watch. Overseas 9 TV station Be on-site live.

Conduct event marketing, Heng Yuan Xiang continue to create the first

As a marketing tool, and sports a large audience communication, and targeted dissemination of a wide range of characteristics such as the sports event is Brand The best advertising vehicle boundless business opportunities. Today, people familiar international brands such as Kodak , Coca-Cola Are all by sponsoring sports, achievement of the dream of world famous brands. But not every

Investment Who can be successful. According to statistics, in Atlanta, sponsored by Olympics Will be more than 200 enterprises, only about 25% of companies have done, and some just a few short-term benefits, and some even lose everything.

Sports marketing potential Risk China to discourage many companies, but in 1994, Heng Yuan Xiang, but never to resume League soccer match in China from the time when football has been the cause of China’s iron sponsors. So far, Heng Yuan Xiang has been sponsored for 11 years A A League and a number of women, youth soccer, which in 1997, 2001, the impact of two World Cup soccer team sponsored by China in 2000 also received a “contribution to the development of Chinese football Award. “

2003 9 months, Heng Yuan Xiang with strong strength and advance Operate Concept, the first one to sign Super??? Become the first Chinese Football Association Super League contract sponsor. Heng Yuan Xiang, Yang Yimin thanked the Chinese Football Association vice chairman of China’s football after a decade to accompany wind and rain, also presented to the Super Group sponsors NO. 1 certificate. Meanwhile, Heng Yuan Xiang Yang Chen has also signed, Yang Jun, Yang Pu 3 Guo Zihao star produced a set of brand advertising propaganda Heng Yuan Xiang, meaning “Sanyangkaitai”, which is using the collective portrait super player the first case.

Heng Yuan Xiang is the continual creation of the first in the sports field.

Fun sports marketing, sports enjoys popular support by Heng Yuan Xiang

Sports marketing is not a burn buy crying? To this end there have been fierce internal debate, Liu Ruiqi that Heng Yuan Xiang is to develop, we must seek a higher, more open stage to show themselves, have to find a higher platform, to enhance their brand.

Fates got tied to sports marketing, the success of Heng Yuan Xiang. The face of risky sports market, how can Fun Sports Marketing? Liu Ruiqi summed up the experience of Heng Yuan Xiang Group, 3:00.

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