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Has China Lost Her Economic Momentum?

Some believe that China has completely lost her economic momentum, but is that really fair, after all, the GDP average for all nations is down some -8% in 2009, and so you’d expect China to be down too with its 35% decrease in exports, but it’s not, it’s actually in positive territory. Imagine that? Does that sound down and out to you? Not me.

Even if China were to barely eek out 1-2% that would be truly incredible, but China is likely double that when all the real numbers are tallied at the end of the year; pretty impressive if you ask me. Some unadjusted figures show it up my even more like 6-8% which if all the accounting at the end of the years shows that, it will be truly a miracle.

China like any fast moving and growing nation will have economic challenges, but China is changing and becoming more powerful each day and taking all the barriers in her way and smashing through them. One Chinese scholar notes that in “human history did not show that any country can maintain 10% increase in GDP for a long-term,” and yet, China has done it for nearly 20-years.

And realize that the Chinese don’t have to maintain 10% year-over-year, it’s impossible anyway, because each time she grows that would mean exponential growth, which is very difficult and her economy would over heat and that hyper inflation would cause too many people hardship and thus, they would revolt. Still, 5-10% is fine over time is unbelievable, and anything over 4% is totally wonderful, and anything over 10% must be tempered.

Now some Chinese economists say that if China can average the US GDP growth of 3% over 200-years, that would be the best average rate for capitalism. Okay, I tend to agree with that, and believe if 4% to 6% is maintained a Great China can be built, a 1,000 year civilization at the top tier. Planned growth is much safer than run-away growth. Please consider all this, and then go golfing.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow says when the going gets tough, the tough go golfing and they always know the best Golf Tips.

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