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How To Impress Your Girl Friend The Economical Way

We all want to impress either girlfriends or your wife or your partner. But what’s the cheapest possible way to do this? Some people would recommend going out for a romantic break abroad to either Paris, Milan, New York or even Australia but if you’re too young and cant afford such expensive breaks abroad then need not to worry. Although you may take your partner to the local cinema and maybe sometimes you opt in to take her shopping, girls still like to be impressed.

Somme lads or guys even go as far as getting a tattoo stitched on their necks, head or arms. They think by doing this they are showing long term commitment to their girlfriends or to their wife. But the very downside is that touch wood what if your relationship went sour? Then you would still have your ex’s name showing in public. And if you were interested in another girl then no way would she go out with a man with a tattoo of another girls name on him, it just doesn’t make sense to be honest.

Seriously if you were a lad would you really go out with a girl that had a tattoo of another mans name on her? I would think not, and therefore it works very much on a vice versa rota. Also with a tattoo it doesn’t come cheap let me assure you. I know some tattoos as simply as getting a name stitched will set you back a few hundred dollars or pounds. If you can get it done for cheaper then I would be wary with cheaper tattooist as not all offer the same professionalism as the ones that charge a premium.

So what’s my ideal solution to make your girl friend more impress with you?

I would recommend getting yourself and her a t shirt which says ” I Love Him” and “I Love Her” printed slogan t shirts with the arrow pointing on either side. You could wear these out in public or if you’re visiting family it can be a great conversation starter and will certainly get people laughing and smiling at you. If you love someone wouldn’t you want the world to know? Of course you would and that why something printed on your clothing that you can wear out in public is a great idea to show to your partner that you want to tell everyone that you love her.

You could also buy yourself a t shirt which says “This Guy Loves His Girl Friend”. You could wear these on an night out and this would act as a warning to other interested ladies in yourself that you are a happy lad with your girlfriend. And if your lady saw you wearing this, let me tell you that she would be very proud. Maybe you don’t want to wear something out in public?

But what you could do is wear the short sleeve top underneath a hooded top out in public, so your girlfriend still thinks you’re telling everyone out there that you love her. But you could only get away doing this in the winter as in the summer she would expect you to show your t shirt off in public with her beside you.


The writer of this article loves wearing funny t shirts and he loves writing anything to do with funny t shirt.

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