Internal & External Timing in Sports

#1. External Timing:
Step #1 The external Timing which is the external communication process of your eyes seeing what needs to be done outside your body and it transmits this information back to the mind to assess in a split second. Example: If a ball was being thrown at you then you would go into the external step.

#2. Internal Timing:
Step #2 Once the external picture and assessment has been transmitted to your brain then it becomes the “Internal” Timing where the mind constructs a plan of action and sends this plan to your body to do a physical movement in coordination to catching the on coming ball.

Here is where the problem comes in when the internal communication or Timing is OFF. When this happens then only parts or even all of the information coming from your mind won’t get through to your body. With this lack of information the body will either react by either moving too soon… too late… or just miss catching the ball.

The above example is the usual way that 98% of all athletes assess this situation. You need to change this process 180 degrees by setting your Internal Timing first as step ONE and you won’t have to do the external Timing because this step will automatically be done. So instead of doing two steps, you’ll just have to do the Internal Timing and this will set everything together automatically.

When athletes are in the “Zone” or “Flow” mode they’ll automatically using their “Internal” Timing. And they’ll only have to do one step instead of two.

Think about this one for a minute!

Even the top champions in all sports only use 2 components which are Speed and Power (at low levels) of “The 9 Secrets Of Peak Performance In Sports” and they’ve achieved elite levels.

What do you think you could achieve if you used Timing…Speed… Rhythm…Reflex…Body Mechanics…Balance…Power…Breathing…Mental Focus?

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