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Leadership Challenges During Tough Economic Times

The economy is tough and there are high expectations from the top. What can you do to keep your team focused and motivated?

In my personal experiences as a Leader I have faced countless situations of which there were no easy answers. Motivation is not a constant feeling, it has to be nurtured and inspired constantly. This is a major challenge for any leader and it takes a strong personal commitment as everyday will bring new challenges.

I have in seminars asked leaders what they thought were the top ways to meet this challenge and have consistently heard: Pay raises, bonuses, time off. These are all true but in my opinion with decades of leadership challenges that the real number one answer is respect! People desire to be respected for the job they perform.

Think about it, when was the last time you set your team down either individually or as a team and displayed sincere gratitude for their job performance. It cost you absolutely nothing to explain how tough things are and your respect and appreciation for the job your team is doing under the current circumstances.

I guarantee you can’t motivate anyone by telling them how lucky they are to have a job. People respond to positive leadership with motivation and inspiration but will respond to negative leadership with low morale and job performance.

Consider if you had just been in a conversation with your boss and you made the comment how tough things are and his response to you would be, “You better be glad you have job.” You surely wouldn’t walk away ready to set the world on fire because he just motivated you beyond your wildest dreams.

Times are certainly tough but that is when true leaders rise to the occasion and do what they are paid to do, lead! If you display outstanding leadership during tough times then you are setting an example for people to emulate. The greatest reward for a leader is developing your team and watching them grow into respected and successful leaders.

Ron Kirby is a world traveled educational and motivational speaker that has over 37 years of Leadership experiences in Corporate America and the Marine Corps. His passion is speaking on Leadership concerning Business Growth, Personal Development, Innovation, and Educational Experiences. Sergeant Major Kirby served 32 years in the United States Marine Corps deploying to over 40 countries and having the privilege of providing Leadership training in a myriad of cultures. Ron takes great pride in the fact he has contributed to the Leadership and promotion success for countless individuals during both his military and corporate career. Invite Ron to make your next event a smashing success! Contact him by phone at (843) 304-6111 or by email at RBKSR51@HOTMAIL.COM. Read more about his background at

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