Homeowners in Aalst are increasingly willing to rent out their properties on the social housing market. Last year, the social rental office in Aalst launched a campaign to persuade more

homeowners to rent out their homes to them. The aim is to provide many single parents with children with decent, affordable housing. In Aalst, the waiting list is long, and thanks to the campaign, there are now 12 homeowners who are willing to rent out their homes in this way. "But we can always do better, and we are still looking for additional properties. However, every beginning is difficult. In the coming years, we hope to generate even more interest," says Leen Desmedt from the Southeast Flanders social rental office.

The campaign was launched a year ago with the aim of helping people who suddenly find themselves in financial difficulties to provide them with decent accommodation. "People risk falling through the cracks in all areas, and even in the private market, it can be difficult for them to find decent housing."

"12 new homes is a first step, and we are satisfied." Last year's campaign was aimed at homeowners who are willing to make the effort to rent out their homes through the social rental office. "And for the first year, we succeeded," says Leen Desmedt. "We will step up our efforts in the coming years and try to persuade more homeowners to rent out their homes in this way."

East Flanders Number of single parents in Aalst peaks: Rental office asks owners to rent out socially Owners who rent out their properties socially also receive benefits. These include a rental agreement of at least 9 years, guaranteed rent payment, no vacancy, maintenance coordination, and free administration. In addition, there are also tax benefits, renovation and energy premiums, and a VAT rate of 12% for new construction and 6% for demolition and reconstruction. The monthly rent is usually below market price. The owner also has no say in who moves into their property. "We want to persuade even more homeowners in the coming years, and that's what we're aiming for," says Leen Desmedt.