The waste dump along Elisabethlaan in Ninove has still not been cleared. Despite the court's ruling that the owners were obligated to clean up the landfill by May 20,

tomorrow, it remains untouched. The city is now consulting with its legal advisor to determine the steps they can take.

The landfill on the premises of a waste processing company along Elisabethlaan has been a thorn in the side of the municipal administration for years. "Since 2007, we have been reminding the company of its environmental obligations," says Mayor Tania De Jonge (Open VLD). "Now we see that they have not respected the deadline of May 20, 2023, to remediate the site."

The city is considering its next course of action. One possibility is for the city to pay for the estimated cost of €800,000 for the cleanup and later recover it from the owners. "But it is doubtful whether we will ever see that money again," explains Tania De Jonge. "Especially in times of high inflation, it is a significant sum for a city administration."

The condition of the waste dump in November 2022 East Flanders Waste dump in Ninove a nuisance upon arrival of Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Thu, Feb 23 11:45 Could drag on for years Another option is to have the cleanup done compulsorily in collaboration with the waste management company OVAM. "This means that we try to acquire the land, clean it up, and then sell it again," says De Jonge. "But this can only happen once all legal proceedings are concluded, and moreover, we would then end up on a waiting list for such remediation projects at OVAM. As a result, this could drag on for years."

It is not an easy case for the city. "Since 2007, we have already taken 92 actions to have it cleared," says Mayor De Jonge. "It is very frustrating that it has taken so long and that a solution is still not immediately in sight."

The waste dump caused frustration in February because it was located near the new finish line of the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad cycling race. The helicopter that captured the finish on camera deliberately avoided flying over the area as much as possible.