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Living Joyfully Despite Economic Trends

Secret 1. Self-love coupled with self-nurturing.

We need to love ourselves and do something each day that that makes us feel joyful. We can stop to smell the roses or look around at the beauty in nature and in people.

Secret 2. Balance

We need to have balance in each area of life:

• Physical: have a healthy life style include exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

• Spiritual: It is healthy to have a spiritual dimension. This does not have to be a traditional religion but belief in a being or the universe which supports and guides us.

• Mental: Our minds, our thinking needs to be joyful. When we catch ourselves thinking negative thoughts, we can change them to positive. This can be happen as quick as a click when we really focus our minds.

• Career: Those of us who love and enjoy our careers are fortunate. Those who do not can fake enjoyment. We can find hobbies and activities that ignite our passion so we can feel joyful regardless of having a career which we dislike.

• Financial: We need to have a healthy attitude towards money and find some ways of having fun and enjoyment which do not involve money.

• Family: We need to give time to family. It is important to schedule quality, joyful family time into each day. This could be as simple as having a family “joke time.”

• Social: A social network involving fun activities can lead to feelings of wellbeing and joy.

Secret 3. Have achievable goals in all areas.

Write monthly goals for each area as outlined above. Ensure some are quickly achievable. Experience the joy of the achievement. When we have difficulty doing this alone we can enrol in Life Coaching.

Secret 4. View of setbacks

When you fail, something goes wrong or someone upsets you, view these not as setbacks but as learning experiences. It’s only wasting energy attacking victim or oneself for something that was said or done. Do some activity which makes you feel joyful

Secret 5. Communication

Assertive communication is the optimum means of communication as joyfulness is the outcome. We can state our needs without anger or blame. In contrast aggressive communication leads to conflict and sadness. No communication means sitting on our feelings, suppressing needs until one day we explode. It helps to relax, review the situation and then communicate in an assertive manner. We can just feel the joy bubbling up when the situation is resolved.

Secret 6. Gratitude

Frequently write a list of ten things you can be grateful for in your life. To feel joyful remember this list. We can write a gratitude list whenever we feel depressed.

Secret 7. Music

Soothing but joyful music can help change a sad mood to a blissful and happy one.

Secret 8. Meditation

Daily meditation releases the stress in our lives and helps us return to a feeling of joyousness. We need to find time for daily meditation even for just ten minutes.

Secret 9. Forgiveness

Sometimes it is difficult to forgive those who upset us but forgiveness frees us and allows us to move on in our lives thus feeling joyful and unencumbered with anger or a desire to retaliate.

Secret 10. Ask for help

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. We all need a network of support. This can be family, friends or a social group.

In summary the importance of feeling good is emphasised in present day literature and in the much publicised DVD, The Secret. We often wonder what are the secrets of feeling that inner peace that expresses itself in joy. In this article we have learnt ten secrets which with regular practice lead to joyful living.

© Marguerite Clancy

About the Author

Marguerite’s passion is to help children and adults reach their potential in a more peaceful and joyful world. She is committed to early intervention and prevention. This is evident in her books, services and workshops. She is the author of Inspiring Success Inspiring Success available from User friendly Resources:

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She is also the author of Empowering Children with an Attention Deficit (in English and German) as well as Joyful.

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