Musicians Bring Learning to Economic Disaster

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Local Musicians Bring Learning to Economic Disaster Music Videos Launched by Checkerz Promises Education in a Fresh, New Groove Santa Barbara, CA, December 1, 2010 — Do you love music and eductation? Do you have the time to sit back, relax, and chill? No and No? Maybe, if you say yes, you can enjoy some music tailored exclusively for financial intelligence through the eyes of an artist / teacher / guru / trend setter. Perhaps you think it a burden to relax as you learn of the knowledge that top CEO’s with their bonuses and golden parachutes income total 435 million dollars. Hence gathering two million tourists together and shaving them for their wool? Take it easy! Thereʼs no need to worry anymore, because Troy Coulon now brings the solution and satisfies a timeless emotional and educational need via a song called “Recognize.” And its an exciting opportunity for the entire family to harmonize. It’s groundbreaking, revolutionary, and provides a video for a song that did not have a music video, i.e. Recognize by The Lox. Getting front page news on in 2007 and surfacing in the story of the week for the National Heritage Area, Troy Coulon has experienced a taste of success and deserves more. Hence, he recently released the “Woodward Dream Cruise Theme Song” on itunes. In his wildest dreams, he sells a million copies and wakes up feeling great! He also invests in GM and Facebook IPO’s way before the public. But his red hot blood make that an impossible dream hence he moves on and his blood is not blue and nor is it cold hence he keeps to his practical dreams. In addition to the single, he will shortly release “The Rise of Music” album on itunes! That includes singles “Peanut Butter” and “Detroit Gunslinger.” Gunslinger was leaked hence it is now for sale. In addition to the digital distribution, Troy Coulon released a music video on youtube that provided entertainment for muscle car blogs and youtube viewers. There is also a line of coul notes available on itunes and sometimes available on to go along with his style of “coul” music. For more information, good luck in contacting this reclusive conquering hero .

Troy Coulon began…

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