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Mystery And Fashion

When something quite sophisticated in shape and color looks whimsical and creates an impression of being non-trivial (as sometimes we do run away from simplicity and do want to look sophisticated!) it is absolutely predictable. We take it in the same way as we regard avant-guard music, complex poetry and elite cinema, taking for granted the fact that they are not meant for everybody but have a limited audience. But when traditional shapes and materials (well, traditional and ordinary from the first glance) produce an unexpected, non-traditional effect we are always fascinated. We take it as mystery. And, to tell the truth, there are not many in the world of fashion who master the art of the mysterious out of the ordinary.

It becomes evident that Gucci belongs to this circle of masters when you look at the collection of womens models Gucci Diamond Watches 111 Series (available at The common feature of all the models from this collection is the rectangular dial divided into two parts by the two-color vertical line. The case is top-quality stainless steel, the dial is single-colored (white, black, pinkish or yellowish depending on the model) and the vertical line is red and green. All the colors are pure and natural. So, if you read the description youll probably find nothing special about the watches. But a look at YA111401 explodes this thought into pieces. Put together, all these create an image of amazing harmony capable of giving any person the air of confident stability (produced by the rectangular shape) and elegance. The designer has managed to achieve a most subtle balance, preserving minimalist tendencies but still giving the model enough vitality. To me the secret seems to be hidden in the color solution: the slightest touch of bright red and green is enough to give the watch a hint of sparkle and emotion without making it too obvious and inflictive. But its just a guess! Im not sure a talented person can always explain the way he or she reaches the desired effect. This is what we call mystery.

The price range for this collection is from $ 842 to $ 1297 (this is the listed price; you might also be pleased to find out about additional discounts for clients).

Any of the Gucci watches at is a piece of mystery that can be made a part of your everyday magic, turning days from routine into precious moments each being unique.

The only thing left to add is that select their assortment thoroughly, and besides Gucci watches, they offer you to take a look at the collections of G shock diamond watches, Grand master watches, Joe Rodeo diamond watches and others, presenting a wide variety of styles and prices. So take time to explore!

Today diamond watches come at a variety of prices, from absolutely affordable to top-price. For example, at you can get some models of Joe Rodeo watches for as little as $ 175. On the whole, is an expert in diamonds and diamond watches with 5 years of experience on the e-market. They know how to provide something special for every type of customer, to meet any kind of requirements and taste.

Special contacts with the leading watch manufacturers enable to reduce prices and inform customers of the latest models and trends. The shop presents watches by expert top quality manufacturers, such as Aqua Master, Benny and Co., Jacob and Co., Joe Rodeo, and some others. The selection is vast; only Joe Rodeo diamond watches comprise more than 150 models! will gladly become your wise and

experienced guide into the exciting world of fashion. specializes in selling authentic and high quality diamond watches and diamond jewelry at discounted price. Our large products selection will allow you to get the best diamond watch for your wrist!

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