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NBA playoffs usher in new season of funky fashion trends

Ah, NBA fashion.

Thanks to trailblazers, like Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, there is absolutely no telling what we’ll get from each playoff game — in terms of the crazy outfits worn before and after games.

Sometimes, you’re left wondering if these guys are being serious, or if they’re playing an elaborate joke on all of us and/or each other.

Like maybe Westbrook says to teammate Serge Ibaka, “I dare you to wear this outfit that looks like something between a pilgrim and a Catholic priest on Casual Friday. You won’t do it.”

To which Ibaka says, “Oh yeah? I won’t?”

Westbrook then ups the ante and dared Ibaka to wear a Billy Ocean jacket … for which he did.


Then, he probably dared Thunder teammate Derrick Fisher to dress like Notre Dame’s leprechaun mascot. No one backs down from a Westbrook challenge.


At this point, I think it’s safe to say Westbrook is fairly serious. He seems to be making a statement with his fashion choices: “I’m different.”


Or maybe it’s, “I’m in a grandmother’s bowling league up top and a rock and roll band on the bottom.” But who’s to say?

Westbrook has been pushing the boundaries of fashion for years now, and it’s clear he’s had an impact on his teammates, through dares and challenges.

Thunder star Kevin Durant seems like he’s still trying to find his overall sense of fashion, as there are about a million things going on here.


But Thunder center Hasheem Thabeet might just have a unique style all his own. Here, he goes for the “A Different World” look.


Which, you know, might be just kind of his thing.


But alas, sometimes tradition wins out over youthful exuberance, and that’s what happened when the Spurs beat the Thunder in the Western Conference finals.

Or is it? I mean, how do we know the fashion exhibited by Spurs legend Tim Duncan isn’t just an homage to the past, or just a weird sense of style all his own? Like here, he goes for the “comfortable dad” look:


And here, he transported all of us back to the sixth grade when we were running late for class. Either that or it was “dress up like a 90s grunge wannabe” day in San Antonio.


There’s classic style on this Spurs team, too. Like sixth man Danny Green, whose jacket is actually a slightly more subtle version of his former college coach Roy Williams’ favorite plaid jacket:


And the Heat dispatched of a team that was perhaps crazier in the fashion department than they are in real life, as evidenced by Lance Stephenson:


Fear not, though. Crazy fashions will still represented in the NBA Finals — and not just Duncan’s weird dad wardrobe. The Heat have pushed boundaries when it comes to this, as well, most notably by Dwyane Wade, who popularized the floral jacket even before Westbrook broke it out this year.

Now, Wade is trying to bring back overalls with a vengeance, evidently.


Wade even broke out … capri … sweatpants?


LeBron James certainly has a sense of style on his own, which usually includes striped sweaters and a hat of some kind. But every now and then, even The King lets loose a little bit and lets out his inner animal.


You usually see shirts like that at gas stations, but that one probably cost thousands of dollars. Still, the king of the jungle being worn by the king himself? Not bad.

So during the NBA finals, we’ll see at least a few eyebrow-raising fashion choices, but let’s not pretend Duncan’s throwbacks are somehow inferior to everyone else’s. It’s all ridiculous, when you think about it. I say Duncan is starting a new trend, and soon “Dad Wear” will be all the rage:


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