Princess Delphine is one of the ambassadors for the #insideout campaign by the organization "Warm William," which aims to improve the mental well-being of young people. The campaign

seeks to draw attention to the fact that one can express their feelings even without speaking a word. "Art is a language. If you cannot find the words, you can express yourself through art," Princess Delphine said on the "Goeiemorgen Morgen!" show on Radio2. On this occasion, the princess also opened up about the anorexia problems she experienced during adolescence.

"Warm William" is a Flemish awareness campaign led by the "GavoorGeluk" Foundation to encourage young people to talk about their feelings and listen to those who are struggling. The blue bear, "Warm William," is the campaign's mascot. Many young people suffer from stress, fear of failure, bullying, heartbreak, or loneliness. In these difficult times, the help of a "Warm William" can be very valuable. "It is someone you can trust and who really listens to you." The "GavoorGeluk" Foundation is entirely devoted to preventing depression and suicide among young people.

Expressing through painting But what if the step to speak is too difficult? How do you talk without words? Several ambassadors, including Princess Delphine of Saxe-Coburg, the singer Metejoor, or the choreographer Joffrey Anane, teach young people to communicate differently. Through music, dance, poetry, or art, for example, under the #insideoutside banner.

Princess Delphine of Saxe-Coburg explained her role as an ambassador during the "Goeiemorgen Morgen!" show with Peter Van de Veire and Kim Van Oncen. "I painted with young people. I want to teach them that you can also talk like this. Art is a language. If you cannot find the words, art can help you express yourself."

Providing comfort The princess believes that mental well-being is an important issue for young people. "They are vulnerable. Especially in our time, where they receive a lot of information through social media. They can also worry about their future. They cannot process this information alone. We must listen to them and provide them with comfort."

Princess Delphine herself has children. She believes it is essential to talk about mental well-being with them. "I insist on being present when they come home from school," she said. "We always have dinner together. At those times, they can talk about their feelings in a relaxed way. It is extremely important." Photo by Luc Van Braekel, Wikimedia commons.