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Normcore: Is it the latest fashion trend and can you spot it?

Anyone know what normcore is?
So is Larry David normcore or not? (Picture: file)

Forget statement prints and anything with sequins, normcore is now where it’s at.

If you’re not familiar with the latest trend that’s about not really being on trend, then it’s basically an alternative way of describing those outfit basics that most people swear by.

Think white t-shirts that come in packs of three, unassuming straight cut jeans and baseball caps. As long as it’s pretty ordinary and wouldn’t help anyone pick you out of a line up, then it’s normcore.

Or is it?

The reaction to this new ‘fashion’ is mixed. The trend-forecasting agency that coined the term is already trying to correct the interpretations of it (it’s apparently been confused with the ‘Acting Basic’ trend, defined as purposefully dressing neutrally so you don’t stand out) and comments on the original article denounce it as another way of describing the current 90s revival.

The way I see it, there’s no going back now as the term has already been adopted by the fashion pack. And I believe the look can be split into two camps.

There’s conscious normcore for those who subscribe to the pre-SS14 Celine way of dressing, choosing basic, minimal items from brands such as A.P.C. and American Apparel. The items are plain and casual but may have a small logo here or there, just to let others know that you’ve made a bit of an effort.

Then there’s accidental normcore for the tourists and TV characters who are totally unaware of their cult-like status.

Next time you’re on the Tube, see if you can spot some of these normcore staples that are actually, paradoxically, quite trendy.

1. Sports trainers

Not fashion trainers, just trainers (Picture: supplied)
Not fashion trainers, just trainers (Picture: supplied)

Not just for running, these preferably logo-less kicks are the ideal antidote to all those killer heels and gladiator sandals we’re bound to see this summer.

2. Beanie hat

The humble beanie (Picture:
The humble beanie (Picture:

These humble hats have always been around. Cara Delevingne’s allegiance has made them a street style necessity of late, but stay away from her bright colours and embellishment to blend in as much as possible, while keeping your hair intact.

3. Straight-leg blue jeans

Mom jeans, 35, Topshop
Mom jeans, £35, Topshop

Not too dissimilar from the hipster Mom variety that is popular at the moment, but just worn with far less irony, the unassuming straight-cut style jean never dates and is actually quite flattering on the derrière.

4. Roll-neck jumper

Toni in her turtleneck (Picture:
Toni in her turtleneck (Picture:

Toni from Fashion Your Seatbelts looks pretty sensible in a roll neck and pair of dark Levi’s, though her innate way of styling them means she still stands out from the rest.

5. Sports socks

It's fine to wear your gym socks now (Picture:
It’s fine to wear your gym socks now (Picture:

Millie Cotton from It’s a LDN Thing proves that it’s possible to give your old gym socks a little bit of a fashion edge with some chunky heels.

6. Birkenstocks

Classic Birkenstocks, 45, Schuh
Classic Birkenstocks, £45, Schuh

The original ‘ugly’ shoe has seen a recent revival by fashion folk and is ripe for being juxtaposed with pretty dresses and denim cut-offs.

7. Khakis

Broken-in khakis, 34.95, Gap
Broken-in khakis, £34.95, Gap

As Gap pointed out recently, they’ve been carrying normcore staples since 1969. These would look even more understated with a grey marl sweatshirt.

8. Backpack

The practical backpack (Picture:
The practical backpack (Picture:

This practical style of carting all your bits around isn’t just for those of school age. Most high street and designer brands now have their own version. Wear across your front for the authentic tourist look.

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