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Opinion Line (Sept. 28)

Eric Holder goes into history as the only attorney general ever to be found in civil and criminal contempt of Congress. Let the prosecutions begin.

Holder has run the Justice Department like the president’s personal legal defense firm. He’s probably the most corrupt attorney general ever. Good riddance.

Obama calls ISIS a “network of death” – pretty much the same thing anyone with at least a modicum of intelligence calls Obamacare.

Many have whined that “Bush did this” and “Bush did that.” The score: Obama has bombed seven countries and Bush bombed four.

I wonder how many innocent people are being killed by the coalition bombing that is taking place. Or does killing innocent civilians not matter unless it’s done by Israel in self-defense?

Like Mitt Romney, Sam Brownback has allowed the opposition to define him and has not fought back. He needs some good ads where he looks into the camera and states the facts.

Brownback’s farmer ad attempts to show him as a down-to-earth, humorous candidate. What I see is a governor wanting to be the center of attention with his back to some of his constituents. He broke the circle of leadership years ago. That’s not funny. It’s sad.

They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned, but at least he realized it was on fire. I doubt if even Nero would mistake the glow in the sky created by exploding debt and our credit ratings going down in flames as being “Kansas sunshine.”

Kansas’ new “road map” is driving away the liberals and moderates, especially the brighter, younger ones. How do you grow a state that way?

Subjecting voters to a string of out-of-state has-beens, wannabes and tried-but-messed-it-up types as guest references seems like a nonsensical and ineffective political campaigning strategy. Most of us want to hear a politician’s personal plans and views from his or her own mouth.

Rick Perry on Wednesday followed by Sarah Palin on Thursday – the most acute two-day Kansas IQ dip in history.

We now know what it takes to get Pat Roberts to come to Kansas. Have Sarah Palin serve pancakes and sausage.

We’ve got another progressive claiming to be an independent who wants to buy a Senate seat. I’ve got five bucks that says Orman votes however Harry Reid tells him to vote on the confirmation of the next attorney general.

While claiming to be an independent, a politician supports all the liberal programs. He has given money to Democrats Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He’s not right for Kansas. Voters would do well to stick with Pat Roberts.

After Dwight Eisenhower warned us of the costs of the military industrial complex, he’d be embarrassed that plans have called for taxpayers to cover 80 percent of the $142 million cost of his too big and too controversial memorial. Surely he’d say, “Just build a statue and call it a day.”

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