Poll: Most of you expect little to have changed in state politics when votes …

Recently I asked if you guys this question:

Poll shows most think election day will change little in state politics 

When the 2014 election is said and done will the Republican Party have won every statewide office?

The question was one way for me to try to see whether an unexpected change in political fortunes may be around the corner for Democrats or if the GOP would remain in firm control of state politics.

The answer you gave is that most of you see very little if anything changing politically in Alabama as a result of the Nov. 4 General Election.

Just over 45 percent of you responded that Alabama is a deep red state and will remain so. Another 39-plus percent of you said that it is likely the GOP will remain in firm control but the “Democrats might surprise in a place or two.”

That’s an astounding 84-plus percent who say the Republicans will keep control of all statewide offices and the Legislature.

Just about 13 percent said Democrats will do better than anyone believes. Interestingly, at least to me, only .8 percent of you said you don’t care. In a year that has seen low voter turnout and not a lot of energy in our politics, I think that’s interesting.

Of course, this is not a scientific poll. It is simply the results of what readers had to say.

As always, thank you for taking part.

Here is the link to the poll results.

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