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Public Dissent and Opinion Must Work Both Ways

If we are to allow public dissent in our nation, and free speech, as providing in our Constitution, then we must allow equal rights to all, regardless of their political leanings. Social censorship is censorship, and often it is just as demoralizing to our Nation’s Conversation as laws against free speech might be.

An acquaintance of mine noted the other day and stated to me in a coffee shop conversation: “Today, if you write anything on a blog that is detracting to our one and only savior, President Barack Obama, you are sure to have your blog removed for “risky content” or “inappropriate content” but it was not long ago during President Bush’s reign in office that the socialist elite and persnickety bloggers were running around call him a NAZI. We have a set of double standards that is absolutely out of control,” he said, and he was a little angry about too.

It is true that for 8-years “Bush Hate Speech” prevailed, not only in public, but in Hollywood and the East Coast TV newsrooms. This didn’t serve anyone, it tore our nation apart, it divided us and although, this is hardly appropriate behavior from the left, it was allowed because we have free speech in America, which is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, what’s fair for one, is no longer fair for all. For if one says something negative about this President, they are hushed down immediately because it isn’t politically correct to question the authority of the left.

Indeed, my acquaintance is right in many regards and definitely politically when he talks about the double standards. We are going to allow folks to protest in the streets on a Communist Holiday in America, if we are going to allow 8-years of Hate Speech condemning our President, and if we are going to have to endure socialist commentary on our TV sets during this current Administration, then surely those who politically lean right ought to be able to speak their minds too. Think on this.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow is also Founder of the Car Wash Guys, a cool little Franchise Company;

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