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Puerto Rican businesswoman creates digital fashion store

Puerto Rican businesswoman creates digital fashion store

Puerto Rican businesswoman Melissa Jimenez is the creator of the online store, the first fashion Web site selling clothing from local designers and which is helping push the careers of the fashion designers on the island.

“What we want to do is export the talent of Puerto Rico and compete with everyone else out there,” the 25-year-old Jimenez told Efe.

The online store, which opened in October, has sold the garments of well-known fashion designers like Nono Maldonado, Luis Antonio and Lisa Thon, among others, and has acquired customers in Spain, Indonesia, Italy, France, Brazil, Panama, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina and the United States.

Jimenez’s idea to open the Web site arose as a result of an analysis of how fashion businesses and the industry outside Puerto Rico were placing their inventories on the Internet, thus allowing their merchandise to be more accessible and economical.

“More than fashion, I like the fashion business. The interesting thing is how it interests us to look at clothing and how interesting the psychology of buying something can be,” Jimenez, a graduate in fashion business administration with a concentration in fashion marketing from New York’s LIM College, said. is produced by more than a dozen professionals who work in the areas of the design, architecture and development of Web sites, sales and marketing, as well as a team of coordinators with the fashion industry.

All the design and management of the Web page is done in Puerto Rico, Jimenez emphasized. EFE

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