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Quantum Economics – Part Three

The “Parameters” in Iphisical quantities, or so called grid that could balance energies and somehow limit the occurrences of the “Big Waves,” most definitely will vary under different conditions and circumstances.

From “regulatory parameters” such as business laws, business contracts and regulations, stocks and commodity exchanges laws and regulations, business ethics and environmental laws are the parameters that lift and let the waves run higher and somehow empower these processes without creating chaos: in an environment of constant changes and motion in such iphysical quantities or grid conditions to lift the vibration and motion up without these energies to set up in motion destructive forces and fluctuations to “functional parameters.” These are technical tools of Economics such as Fiscal and Monetary policies, Social and Medical expenses and exedra are the parameters that adjust the necessary grid /Market/ fluctuations and waves in a short term and eventually disperse and prevent build up of negative energies.

The regulatory parameters are necessary and irreversible when the functional parameters are changeable under different conditions of the real economy. But for clearance of some of the functional parameters level of expenditures in %% of GDP with comparison to the current usage: Social, Unemployment, Medical, Infrastructure and Educational expenses could be much higher under the Market Economics then under the Capitalistic Economics;

First, because the change of accounting from cash base to accrual base which change will expand the existing Capital.
Second , the enhancing security of country’s assets provoked by the enhanced regulatory parameters which will add to existing markets value and allow lending to small businesses and investors unknown to date.
Third, the Global expansion of regulatory parameters will expand local for US capitalization to a Global capitalization which the First and Second points will apply Globally.
Fourth, a Global intellectualization will put a new accent on the intellectual property creating a Global competition which will add business all over the World and help additionally for distribution of wealth.

The Wealth distribution happens to be the biggest obstacle for a free market economics in case for spreading the waves on the grid of Quantum Economics therefore all of the existing and new appearing tools of Economics must be used practically for a proper for the markets wealth distribution to maintain the Supply to Demand ratios and prevent the real economies from getting overheated;

The parameters of Economics are to be used indiscriminately when needed so they can disperse negative energetic build up which can provoke a big wave. Hence, only statistical evaluation of different economic points in the real economy could trigger setting of appropriate parameters with the tools of Economics.

For example when enhancing Social expanses could balance the shrinking Demand or keeps a Market from expending the action must be to do it, or for example when certain business laws and regulations are insufficient to prevent from speculations or deception these business laws and regulations must be promptly dealt with to prevent any damage on the processes in the real Economy.

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