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Scientists discover new Adult Stem cells cloning technique

It’s more than a surprise for science and biology sector that researchers from South Korea has discovered a new way to clone adult stem cells. The process named as Therapeutic cloning leads to be fabrication of highly personalized stem cells. According to the study, these custom stem cells could be use for treating heart disease, blindness and cloning adults.

During studying the process, researchers extracted stem cells firstly from 35 and 37 years old adult males. In the next step, they fused the DNA with women eggs (77 donated) after removing eggs DNA. They used a short wave of electric current for fusing the cells that resulted into 39 embryos into a hollow sphere shape. Scientists were able to develop one stem cell per donor out of these embryos, which resulted in pluripotent cells. These cells can be transformed into any type of human cell.


It is an achievement for doctors, and Dr. Robert Lanza credited this success to nuclear transfer technique and also to the fine quality of donated eggs. This research can be counted as first step in reproductive cloning. This topic is creating hype in news industry since 1997.

People say sometimes that this process was used in that year for creating Dolly. The U.S. has prohibited the use of federal funds to perform therapeutic cloning.

In biology, cloning term is used for a process in which scientists create replicas of DNA fragments unnaturally. No, you cannot point them as identical twins! Although, there are two types of cloning, therapeutic (which is used by researchers in this study) and the other one is reproductive cloning.

After this discovery, these personalized stem cells will be use for treating multiple sclerosis (also known as type-1 diabetes) as well. It’s a new invention introduced by scientists to boon healthcare sector.

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