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Sports Opportunities Hidden Behind The Sports Marketing Ascertain


No doubt, in today’s society CKS sports play an increasingly important role. With the popularity of television and communication technology, breaking the limitations of space-time sports events, greatly enhanced the influence of sports on society. According to the survey, about 35 million people worldwide watched the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Will be broadcast. 1998 World Cup held in France is the world’s 4.0 billion viewers get the favor. 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea is the world’s attention. Smart businesses have already recognized the opportunities hidden behind sports, sporting events carried out with Marketing Activities not only to attract the attention of consumers, to increase Sell Volume and profit goals, more importantly, just the respect of sports and fair publicity, it enables manufacturers and Brand Value raised to a higher level.

Have information, the 1988 Olympic Games, Coca-Cola Company Promotions Activities cost about 600 million U.S. dollars, and in World Cup Investment Also more than 250 million U.S. dollars. During the Olympics, Coca-Cola’s sales volume increased by 18%, while the World Cup start on the eve of sales had increased by 326 percent, these are the tangible benefits, as the brand image is these intangible benefits can not be estimated. According to the survey show that the June 10, 1998 to July 12 for a period of 32 days is undoubtedly the French World Cup fans around the world carnival. According to the data before the forecast, the audience watching the World Cup will reach 4.0 billion people, while among the 40 million passengers, nearly l million fans and 64 games and common day and night. Global sports events lurks opportunities. Face of repeated international sports competition, how to make the integration of the international market? How to use sporting events to Sports Marketing And shaping popular, brand? This is an enterprise are seriously thinking about the problem.

1, the charm of sports marketing

Sports marketing, mainly through sponsorship, naming and other means, through the sponsorship of sports to promote their brands. Many manufacturers now have the awareness of sports marketing, understanding what is behind the sports opportunities, recognizing that sports is the best brand Advertisement Carriers, investment companies sports industry also received excellent returns, famous. Sports marketing and promotion has become a star Public The highest recognition rate of the two marketing strategies. Can be said that the most concentrated expression of Sports Marketing has all the advantages of brand promotion tool, and thus the most attractive, most companies welcome separate ways.

First, the effect of sports sponsorship natural, easy to be accepted. Sports sponsorship is essentially a soft advertising, but because ads do not appear alone, commercial and utility and therefore not hard advertising so obvious. Secondly, communicate with a wide range of sports sponsorship large, targeted. Significant competition in the field, easily tens of thousands of spectators, media audiences are just countless. Even some local races, as long as Organization Well, the audience is very enthusiastic, so it is conducive to business and target audience to communicate effectively, to achieve a multiplier effect. Third, the biggest feature is the sports marketing public welfare. Can say that sports is a common cause of mankind, sponsorship of sports, the market for sports marketing Operation Its role is not achieved by ordinary advertising.

Second, sports marketing Comments

2002 Japan and South Korea World Cup history to participate in the largest number of Asian teams a game, is also the first Chinese team to participate in the World Cup finals. This is both for domestic or international business is a rare opportunity for the Chinese market is started, the performance in this World Cup, played a crucial role.

Look at the ads of foreign enterprises. Carlos Pepsi starring “bow” chapter ad: title sequence by the host Carlos small fans warmly welcomed in Japan, took the little boy handed him to the Pepsi, Carlos responded with a Japanese-style bow. Then the camera turns and, in Japan against Brazil in a penalty Carlos by Carlos on the wall again a bow Etiquette The state of the Japanese players all bowed politely of course, retaliate, even the goalkeeper is no exception. Trend of this time, Carlos kicked the ball launched into the other door. Pepsi World Cup players really, the host and the host of customs and products combine the creativity of this ad is not only humorous, novel and film shows also very place, people left a very deep impression.

Other is Hyundai. As the official sponsor of this World Cup, one of the modern automobile, in order to know every corner of the modern world to understand the modern, accepted modern enterprises worldwide organization called “goodwill ball road show & football worldchampionships” large-scale The football promotion campaign by the good will ball roadshow and the football world championships two parts. Good will ball roadshow tour is a huge football signature activities, Hyundai Motor Make A large diameter of 4.5 meters football. In this event, the football would be held in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Dalian, Beijing exhibition, and organized large-scale signature in the field. Chinese team in the World Cup in each of the games have emerged in this warm and full of Chinese fans expect football giant, with the goodwill ball roadshow activities, Hyundai Motor held in the country five mini-soccer Championship Division Select Paving the way race has been well. The cities of the four teams will gather in Beijing on May 11 to decide the winner of the championship in China, went to Korea to participate in world championship finals, and was free to watch World Cup matches. During the World Cup, Hyundai Motor ad is icing on the cake, the fan-site created using “human wave” form, skillfully demonstrating to the audience the typical glamorous models, advertising smooth and natural, very dynamic. With the “human wave” demands of modern cars run fast. Game, dynamic, stylish and passionate combination of these elements are very clever.

Event by modern cars, we can see multinational sports marketing is a mature Operate Mode. Sports sponsorship is no longer a simple PR Activities, sports sponsorship and sports marketing combination of a marketing company and establish an excellent corporate image Strategy .

However, the domestic situation is different. Industry has played such an analogy: Chinese sports products

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