Surface Pro 3 Tipped for May 20 Launch – 4G LTE Surface Pro 2 Lands in UK

Surface Pro 3 Tipped for May 20 Launch – 4G LTE Surface Pro 2 Lands in UKAhead of the rumored launch of both the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Mini, Microsoft has at last launched the 4G LTE version of the Surface Pro 2 in the United Kingdom.

A fair few weeks behind its American counterpart, the Surface Pro 2 with 4G LTE connectivity has finally touched down in the UK. Carrying a fairly lofty price of £539, it’s pretty clear that Microsoft believes the LTE Pro 2 has something to offer above and beyond the new Surface tablets it’s scheduled to unveil at a major press event next week on Tuesday.

As such, chances are we’re either in for something very big, something very small (quite literally) or both.

If rumors pan out, the current Surface Pro 2 in all its mighty glory could in fact become Redmond’s mid-range option. The Surface Pro 3 is unsurprisingly expected to once again redefine what it means to pack serious power and performance into a tablet PC, fronted by Intel’s latest processors and perhaps with 2K Ultra-HD touchscreens as standard.

Interestingly though, it could end up being the Pro 3’s smaller sibling that wins over the highest number of floating  voters – the long-awaited Surface Mini. Ever since the launch of the first Microsoft tablets a couple of years ago, there have been ongoing and steadily growing calls for a smaller, lighter and ideally more affordable alternative to the standard Pro and RT options.

As such, the Surface Mini will undoubtedly be the star of the show in May 20 and has every potential to ring in the kind of success story that’s so far eluded every iteration of its higher-end counterparts

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