The start of studies in higher educational institutions in Europe took place in rather difficult conditions this year. Many large universities introduced their distance learning procedures. In this

regard, universities, which initially offer online education, are becoming increasingly popular. Lately, the Kozerod Academy preparing teachers of various directions for schools and colleges in Europe began started its work. In this regard, its honorary president of Kozerod Academy Vitaly Kozerod approached the teachers and students. He also noted:

“Dear colleagues, 

Europe has undergone many challenges in 2020. The education sphere has not been an exception. The European educational system turned out to be isolated due to Brexit, the funding of many joint scientific programs, including those in Cambridge, Oxford, Sorbonne, and other universities of the previously united Europe, were in question. British students, like their peers from continental European countries, quite unexpectedly faced numerous alternatives whether to go abroad, focusing on the labour market of United Europe or to stay in their homeland to get the education; whether to choose English-speaking education or focus on education in other European languages in connection with Brexit and the projected decrease in the role of English in European culture, etc.

Our Kozerod Academy serves to promote the traditions of English-speaking education in Europe, connecting the best training methods for teachers, employees of the tourism sector, researchers, analysts, and entrepreneurs. The advancement of education in the European Union will be inseparably linked with the synthesis of educational traditions, the exchange of knowledge and skills, the creation of uniform academic norms, unification and systems of automatic recognition of diplomas in the upcoming years. Leaders of universities, colleges, and other educational institutions in Europe, together with the governments of the countries and the leadership of the EU, still have got a lot to do in this direction.

I wish the students and tutors of our Kozerod Academy to reach new frontiers in improving their qualifications, obtaining essential, and necessary professions for a modern society, skills, and knowledge.


Vitaly Kozerod, 

Honorary President of the Kozerod Academy”.