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The Worsening Global Economic Situation

The house of Juicy is all about the luxurious leather, founded in 1921 it is now standing at #45 in Business Week’s “Top 100 Brands” chart. That is probably why when it comes to replica handbags, Burberry handbags are the most imitated ones. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery. And with present day efforts of saving your dollars due to the worsening global economic situation, the replica handbags trend is as popular as ever. With current economic fluctuations, many look to cut spending in order to cope with the financial crunch. I find Polet’s idealism moving and in my own way I find ways to participate in this dream by buying designer handbags without stretching my financial limits. It works out for everyone.

Polet claims that wearing Juicy is not about the money but about desire. It is the question “Would you like to be a Juicy man or a Juicy woman?” – I would and I am. You would imagine that with world economy worsening by the hour consumer spending habits would be affected negatively. Apparently, that is untrue. According to chairman of the Juicy group Robert Polet who has recently given an exclusive interview to INSEAD Knowledge, what this fashion house sells is dreams. He believes that while some consumer behavior has suffered due to the financial crisis, his company is in the business of selling an unattainable fantasy and you cannot put a price tag on that. Polet claims that buying Jimmy handbags or any other product is an emotional decision, a desire that you cannot resist despite your financial situation. It’s inspiring to see that in such dire times romanticism and brand loyalty still exist. According to Polet, cultivating a brand is a life long relationship that sticks with you through the good times and the bad.

These are the days that I feel happy that I’ve been a replica handbags aficionado my whole life and can afford to be a part of this luxurious dream on my own terms.He emphasizes that sticking to your strategy during difficult times of crisis will eventually help reinvest value into the brand.In the meantime, Juicy continue to produce fabulous designer handbags and even have plans of opening more stores in China and Pacific Asia in hopes that those will absorb the shocks waves of the ailing economy. In spite of my secret wishes and the hurting global economy the prices of Juicy handbags stay the same.

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