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Today’s Consultant – The Economic Challenge

It’s a tough world today to be a consultant, consultant rates having taking a nose dive for 10+ years to the global economic shift, and overseas competition with the many emerging countries providing a services for a fraction of what is normally charged in the States.

That and the fact that people are becoming more computer Savoy and worse yet those who thing they’re Savoy but are not, a unpredicted occurrence seems to be more prevalent than could ever be imagined is competition from your clients, many clients want to participate in the actual problem solving and many time the coding. Often these clients will debate the logic, process or procedure to solving a coding challenge; they will want to “give a try” themselves.

When this happens with a casual friend or colleague is one thing but a client? Well that’s another thing, this can and does create rather uncomfortable situations, you do not want to offend your client, but at the same time, you wish he/she would get out of your way and let you do your job.

The other annoyance is when a client gets to involved in the final coding and testing, they tend to calculate the simplicity or complexity of the overall problem and then use this to calculate what they think is fair compensation, this wrong and unfair.

These are but a few of the challenges facing consultants this day and age, besides the fierce competition and some unsavory practices made by consultants with a low integrity level, or sometime outright charlatans, they create a unease among clientele and force situations to get uneasy unnecessarily.

It seems this is especially so in the Phoenix, AZ area, there is a known element of fraud perpetrated from unrealistic cold call promises to craigslist scams to honest advertise inexperienced wanna be’s not ready fro prime time.

That’s why it?s best to check out your potential venders on a one to one basis, usually you can tell who your dealing with within a 15 minute period. At Vital Computer Services we like to get to know our clients, work with them in pinpointing the problem, the best solutions and a promise of results before compensation.
WWW.VitalComputerServices.Info is well skilled in SEO – Offsite Google first Page Organic results, Bulk email production system development, Direct mail production system development, Political Data Processing, Visual FoxPro, VB .NET, SQL programming.

We are sure we can help your company, we want to prove it before we ask for compensation, we get paid by results not the hour. The creator of this service has 25 years experience with Mainframes, DOS, Novell, Windows, UNIX, Linux, and a lot of customer service principles to back it up.

But our focus and determination to create a reputation as Phoenix, Arizona?s premier consulting company,
We want to build customer relations the way it was done 60-70 years ago when this country was a manufacturing giant, that status has been lost but not the means or the know how as to how it was done, it was done by making the customer the most important entity in any transaction, and providing quality and value no matter what the product is.

And that?s how this country has to rebuild it?s self again, the solution is simple, it may not be easy, this is what made us, this is how we return to that status of being # 1 again.

As a nation we must pull together and make the difference, not the dollar that that raises yet one more zero to the bottom line, were at the bottom line, it?s time to go back up.

Michael Robert Cummings
Born in Chicago, IL
Solutions Developer for 25 years

Direct Mail Association (DMA)
Visual FoxPro Users Group
Affilated Programmers Guide
(602) 487-9039

I started in IT in Chicago, graduated from Control Data Institute in 1991, before that I was a drummer in a rock band for 15 years.

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