What Prevents Peak Performance in Sports

Athletes tend to assume or believe that with hard training, getting into great physical condition and practicing their techniques for thousands of time it will enable them to achieve and maintain peak performance in sports.

Although the above actions will certainly help you it won’t enable you to have control over the level of performance for the following reasons:

1. Although almost all athletes will agree they need to have great timing in their training and in competition they don’t know how to apply this timing training in their sport.

2. Athletes’ speed training is only done on the physical side and should be done through the mind first.

3. The tempo or flow of the game is an area that athletes and coaches have no clue about and will prevent them from being able to control the play or game into their advantage.

4. Athletes usually have problems with their reflex actions in which they’ll either freeze up in their movements or be too soon or too late in the execution.

5. Athletes have problems with balance, power and the overall reach and distance in their performance because they lack the knowledge on how to use their body mechanics to elite levels.

6. Athletes tend to not know about the importance of breathing in their sport that prevents them from achieving peak levels of energy and the overall physical performance.

7. Athletes have a lack of knowledge on how to achieve and maintain the correct mental focus to enable them to control their fears, doubts, phobias and self sabotage.

There are millions of athletes in all sports that have the above problems, frustrations and concerns and desperately want to solve these things in their sport.

The big problem comes into play because there isn’t anybody that can advise them on how to overcome these problems.

There have been some major developments and information that could help any athletes and maybe you should check things out for yourself and you can be the judge.

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