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Yes and No Opinion of Burglar Bars

Today even safe and secured houses have  burglar bars can be easily to break-ins and other violent activities by thefts. Unfortunately, this is a small fact that we all know. Thus, home security systems have become an important criterion for every homeowner today. This is because nowhere in this world where you can let yourself free from thefts who are called unwelcome guests. They not only can take away your assets but may harm you and your loved ones. Today people adopt many  security means  include  burglar bars which prevent intruders from first step.


Though burglar bars have various advantages like they not only prevent burglars but also stop them from entering at all. They give a sense of visual intimidation to them and sometimes create noise which tells burglars to stay away. It acts as a strong theft deterrent.


If burglar bars help people a lot as said above then why don’t people prefer putting them on their windows? Maybe they don’t like to make their homes look like prisons. Many people assume that such bars can help them stop intruders from entering in. But in reality intruders are those unexpected visitors who won’t stop if they have in their minds to steal your property and harm you.


While it’s great to install burglar bars but they can not protect you every time. Moreover they are not always attractive to complement your house. In fact these bars make the burglars realize that you have got something really precious and that is why you are trying to protect it. Not only this is an advantage but also the laws of some country prohibit you to install them on your windows. In times of natural disaster and calamities like fire or earthquakes it becomes difficult to escape from such barred windows. Thus, window bars has both pros and cons. Therefore, you should evaluate them both before buying one.


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