Within Remax's real estate listings, one in every four homes carries a price tag below €150,000. According to a Postal report, Viseu emerges as the leading district, boasting the highest number

of houses falling below this threshold, followed closely by Coimbra and Porto.

As of November, Remax Portugal had a total of 27,075 houses listed for sale, among which 6,407 (23.7%) were priced at €150,000 or less, as reported by the company.

Beatriz Rubio, the executive director of Remax, highlighted the pressing issues in Portugal's real estate market. She cited concerns such as the disparity between supply and demand, bureaucratic delays in licensing processes, a hefty tax burden, and an uncompetitive rental market. Rubio emphasized the urgent need to augment the availability of housing at more accessible price points.

Viseu stands out as the district with the highest concentration of homes priced below €150,000, closely followed by Coimbra and Porto. Faro secures the 10th position in this ranking.