Addiction experts have issued a warning regarding the ease with which young people in Switzerland can obtain alcohol illegally. According to Addiction Switzerland, more than a quarter of all


A baby yawns while swaddled in a teal blanket, adorned with a blue knitted hat featuring a white flower and red trim. An adult cradles the child, gently touching its head.

Switzerland has emerged as the top consumer of organic products in Europe, spending an average of CHF 454 per person ($513), according to Biosuisse, the umbrella


Finland and Sweden, known for their strict alcohol regulations, are taking steps to relax certain restrictions while keeping state control intact.


A recent study conducted by Kieskompas and the news agency ANP reveals that six out of every ten people in the Netherlands believe that the production, supply, and sale of marijuana and


On April 1, 2024, the cost of a pack of cigarettes surged to €11, marking an increase of nearly one euro. This hike is part of the government's ongoing efforts to deter smoking.


The Netherlands is facing a concerning trend as more than half of its adult population is now deemed overweight, with 16% classified as clinically obese, according to the national statistics


While toys on the European market are generally regarded as some of the safest worldwide, the occasional presence of hazardous items underscores the need for

A recent study by the regional ambulance organization and the public safety institute VeiligheidNL reveals that slightly over 50% of the 5,000 victims of traffic accidents in Amsterdam are


On January 14, 2024, data released by the Justice Ministry in Belgium revealed a notable increase in the number of gender registration changes. A total of 633 individuals in the country