As the number of cars continues to surge, finding parking in front of apartment buildings becomes increasingly challenging, especially in Slovak towns

and cities where parking facilities are scarce.

One solution to this dilemma is owning a garage, but their availability remains limited, hinting at potential price hikes in the near future.

Presently, approximately 500 garages are listed on the real estate website Nehnutelnosti.sk, with around half of them situated in the Bratislava Region. Prices in this region typically range from €25,000 to €35,000 on average. In contrast, garages in the Košice Region sell for €24,000, and in the Banská Bystrica Region, they are priced at €17,000.

Interestingly, many garages never even make it to these online listings as they are swiftly snapped up or rented within local neighborhoods. Those that do appear on websites are often situated in less desirable locations or are priced inadequately.

Garage prices vary based on location and type. Those on the outskirts of cities or where parking is less of an issue typically cost half or even a third of those in city centers.

For instance, a garage from 1985 on Vyhnianska Cesta Street near Bratislava's Main Railway Station in Nové Mesto is listed at €20,000. Conversely, a garage integrated into an apartment building in Petržalka is priced at €51,000. These types of garages can also serve as storage spaces and, if located within enclosed premises, are considered premium real estate.

Overall, garage prices are on the rise, mirroring trends in the housing market, and experts anticipate further increases, particularly in response to changes in city parking policies.

Given these factors, there is little incentive for garage owners to lower prices anytime soon. Photo by Oto Zapletal, Wikimedia commons.