The Portuguese Government, in collaboration with social partners, is in discussions to propose an increase in the minimum wage to €820 per month in 2024. This proposed raise exceeds the


Poland's headline inflation rate for September has marked a significant slowdown, dropping to 8.2% year-on-year, which is below the anticipated 8.5%, as per a preliminary estimate from the

Starting in 2024, the port of Brussels will be reintegrated into the wider European rail network following an agreement between the federal and Brussels governments, as reported by the


Sweden's Finance Minister, Elisabeth Svantesson, defended her government's decision to reduce funding for certain services used by foreigners, emphasizing that Sweden


Amsterdam is poised to introduce the highest tourist tax in Europe next year, as confirmed by the city's finance chief, Hester van Buren, in a statement to Dutch News on


As of May 1, approximately 50% of the 68,000 Ukrainian refugees who sought refuge in the Netherlands following Russia's invasion of Ukraine had secured paid

In the second quarter of this year, agricultural prices within the European Union experienced a notable deceleration in their growth. Eurostat, the EU's statistical agency,


On September 25, 2023, the agri-food industry called upon the Flemish Parliament to reconsider the currently proposed nitrogen decree, citing concerns about its potentially



French supermarkets have been vocal about their inability to lower petrol prices due to legal constraints. In response, the government has taken an unusual step. On September 16, Prime


While the overall unemployment rate in the Netherlands remained steady at 3.6% of the working population in August, a concerning trend has emerged with increasing youth unemployment.