In 2023, the National Association of Swiss Castles witnessed a historic milestone, welcoming over 1.3 million visitors to its 28 castles. This achievement marks a new record for the organization,

which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

Adding to its roster, the association proudly announced the inclusion of two new members: Valère and Tourbillon castles in Sion, Canton Valais, and Rapperswil Castle in St. Gallen. With these additions, Swiss Castles, headquartered at Wildegg Castle in Canton Aargau, now boasts 30 affiliated members.

Starting from May, all affiliated castles, along with their gardens and parks, will be open to the public, offering immersive experiences in history and culture. However, Rapperswil Castle, the latest member, will unveil its renovated splendor to visitors in the autumn after undergoing significant restoration work.

The remarkable surge in visitor numbers, marking an 18% increase from the previous year, underscores the dedication and cultural contributions of the association's members. Spanning across 13 cantons, these castles, once fortified, ceremonial, and residential structures, now stand as living testaments to Switzerland's rich heritage. Photo by Christian David, Wikimedia commons.