Antwerp has announced the establishment of a fund aimed at providing support to young artists as they embark on their careers. The city has allocated a total of 200,000 euros for the years


A significant international event dedicated to highlighting Polish musical heritage is scheduled to take place in the southeastern city of Rzeszów from July 2 to 9. Officials have announced that

In May, the Azores experienced a remarkable milestone as the region witnessed a record-breaking number of passengers disembarking at its airports. According to data released by the

Since the pandemic and the impact of the War in Ukraine began to subside, the return of tourists to Copenhagen has been noticeable, with Thursday witnessing the naming of the MSC Euribia


In a bid to encourage jogging and improve the quality of public spaces, Brussels has unveiled its new "be running" strategy. Developed by perspective.brussels, the initiative provides practical

Portugal has secured its position as one of the top 10 international luxury destinations for this summer, according to the Luxury Traveler Holiday Habits 2023 study


Commencing on 7th June and running until 7th January, the BELvue Museum in Brussels will showcase a captivating exhibition featuring art nouveau masterpieces from


Despite tightened legislation requiring drinks to be served in reusable cups, PET bottles, and cans at 1,700 events this summer, major festivals like Tomorrowland, Rock


Renowned British newspaper, The Guardian, has included Concordia Taste restaurant, situated in the western Polish city of Poznań, in its prestigious list of the top


Croatia's natural beauty continues to captivate global attention, as one of its stunning beaches has secured a place on the prestigious list of the world's 50 best