Social Affairs and Public Health Minister, Frank Vandenbroucke, has initiated contact with Romanian authorities to address concerns over the authenticity of dental diplomas, following reports of


Reports from citizens have indicated that the tiger mosquito has managed to survive the harsh Belgian winter, marking a significant phase in its invasive presence, as


As the fall approaches, a significant change is coming to the healthcare landscape. Starting from 1st October to 31st December, pharmacists will be authorized to administer flu shots,


The Institute for the Equality of Women and Men in Belgium announced on Thursday that approximately 600 Belgians changed the gender marker on their ID cards in 2022.


Newly released data from Statbel indicates that more than a quarter of employed individuals in Belgium spend the majority of their workday on computers or smartphones. According to the


A recent study commissioned by tobacco company Philip Morris has revealed that one in 10 cigarettes smoked in Belgium is illegal. These illegal cigarettes are either smuggled from other


Based on recommendations from the public health institute RIVM, the Dutch health ministry has announced that doctors and labs are no longer obligated to report positive

Ghent is working on a map for homeless people that shows where they can access drinking water and showers. Currently, there are already about ten locations in the city where free showers


Tallest Men in the World Revealed, with a 10-Inch Difference between Top and Bottom. Europe Takes the Lead, but the UK Misses Out.

Utrecht City Council has approved regulations preventing the establishment of new specialized tobacconists within the city limits for at least the next year. This measure is being implemented